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Serving Pflugerville/Round Rock since 2010
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16801 Radholme Court, Suite A  
Round Rock, Texas 78664 512.299.0263 512.767.2973  
CrossFit Classes
CrossFit classes are anything but typical. Each class is instructor led and will last an hour. We begin with a warm-up lasting roughly 10 minutes. We then segue into a strength or skills training session with high-quality, detailed instruction. The final part of a class is the Workout of the Day (WOD). 

Once you experience a Defiant CrossFit workout, you should feel great about what you accomplished and will develop a thirst for more.

No longer will you have to force yourself through some boring workout that you have done repeatedly on the same day of the week for who knows how long. Your workouts and progressions will be measured and tracked and you will receive the support you need to facilitate the changes that you want in your performance and your life.
Defiant CrossFit
What you can expect from Defiant CrossFit
— Personal attention

— Intense, effective workouts

— Exposure to new ideas and methods

— Nutritional coaching

— Supportive environment

— Fat/weight loss
— Increases in lean muscle

— Progress tracking



These are three one-hour training sessions for everyone new to CrossFit. They are a prerequisite to joining a CrossFit class.  
Cost – $125 or FREE with a 12-month contract

Defiant CrossFit Membership Packages:

Unlimited Membership
  • Twelve (12) Month = $170
  • Six (6) Month = $185
  • Three (3) Month = $200 
  • Twelve (12) Month Prepaid = $1,700.00 

Three (3) x a Week Membership
  • ​Twelve (12) Month = $125
  • Six (6) Month = $145
  • Three (3) Month = $160
  • Twelve (12) Month Prepaid = $1,300.00

Two (2) x a Week Membership
  • Twelve (12) Month = $105
  • Six (6) Month = $115
  • Three (3) Month = $120
  • Twelve (12) Month Prepaid = $1,100.00

Tuition payment is drafted on the 1st or 15th of every month. 

Drop in rate – $20 per class OR buy a Defiant t-shirt
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Our class calendar sets us apart from other CrossFit gyms in the area. We offer classes seven days a week. We have an Open Class policy. You may join ANY class on ANY day that fits your schedule. We also offer Open Gym times where you can grab an extra WOD or focus on skill/strength work. 
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