Defiant CrossFit    
Serving Pflugerville/Round Rock since 2010
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16801 Radholme Court, Suite A  
Round Rock, Texas 78664 512.299.0263 512.767.2973  
What you can expect from Defiant CrossFit

— Weight Loss                                                    — Increased Strength                            — Increased Endurance
— Reduced Stress                                              — Hormonal Balance                             — Sleep Regulation
— Motivation                                                       — Wellness                                            — Nutritional Education

Defiant CrossFit Membership Packages:

Unlimited Classes Membership
  • Twelve Months = $170
  • Six Months = $185
  • Twelve Months Prepaid = $1,700.00 ............

Three Classes a Week Membership
  • ​Twelve Months = $125
  • Six Months = $145
  • Twelve Months Prepaid = $1,300.00 ............

Two Classes a Week Membership
  • Twelve Months = $105
  • Six Months = $115
  • Twelve Months Prepaid = $1,100.00 ............

Tuition payment is drafted on the 1st or 15th of every month. 

Drop in rate – $20 per class OR buy a Defiant t-shirt
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Our class calendar sets us apart from other CrossFit gyms in the area. We offer classes seven days a week. We have an Open Class policy. You may join ANY class on ANY day that fits your schedule. We also offer Open Gym times where you can grab an extra WOD or focus on skill/strength work free of charge. 
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Elements consists of three one-hour training sessions for everyone new to CrossFit. They are a prerequisite to joining CrossFit classes. You will be instructed on everything you need to know to CrossFit efficiently and safely. 

$125 or FREE with a 12-month contract

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