We help you get into the best shape of your life and create a NEW body that you will love and be proud of. 

Our fun workouts focus on fat elimination, muscle toning and strength building. 

** Include our 6 wk Nutrition Program to enhance your results. Choose 1 of 3 categories: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain/ Performance or Both.

Your Membership includes:

- CrossFit classes, Grit Classes, Strength Classes, Friday Night Lights Clinics & Coach's Clinics *

- An Open Class System where you can attend classes at your convenience, 7 days a week

- Your assigned Accountability Coach who will check in with you every 8 wks to track your progress, keep you accountable and answer your questions

- Exclusive programming from professional L1 & L2 CrossFit and USA Weightlifting certified coaches

- Your Wodify App which allows you to track all of your progress and watch your growth in real time

- Weekly Community tips, articles, posts and videos to enhance and accelerate your training

- Access to the best Supplements, CrossFit gear and Accessory Programs

- Free community workouts and One Week Free passes to bring your friends with you

* See our Programs page for a list of classes





Unlimited Classes

  • SAVE! Pay only ONCE with a Prepaid option:                       6 mos  $1049  (save $79)                                           12 mos  $1929  (save $135)

  • Six Months = $185 monthly

  • Twelve Months = $169 monthly    **(best value)

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3 Classes Per Week

  • SAVE! Pay only ONCE with a Prepaid option:                        6 mos  $839  (save $49)                                             12 mos  $1469 (save $115)

  • Six Months = $145

  • Twelve Months = $145 --> $129

* A $3 monthly service fee is applied to monthly & included in prepaids
* No additional discounts given to 12-month prepaids
** Discounts offered on memberships for Active Military, Students, & Spouses


Drop-ins: $20/class or $50/week (get a Defiant t-shirt)

(Drop Ins are for experienced CrossFitters only)