Getting you into the best shape of your life is exactly what we do here.  We offer the building blocks to gain muscle strength and reduce weight through intense workouts, strength classes, weight-loss challenges, nutritional education and most importantly, the motivation to accomplish your goals. We are an elite team of athletes and coaches who consistently train and certify to bring you the most effective CrossFit program in the Round Rock area.

Choose 3 classes/week for maintenance or Unlimited classes for maximum results. All memberships include our Open Class Policy- come at any class as your schedule allows.

Unlimited memberships include:

  • All CrossFit Group Classes (7 days/week): varied workouts, strength training and conditioning
  • Strength Classes: focus on weightlifting technique while increasing strength
  • Extended Open Gym hours:  for skill work, weightlifting or mobility
  • Skill Development Class: advance your skills to the next level
  • Mobility Therapy Clinic: learn how to care for your muscles and joints through training



Unlimited Classes

  • Six Months = $185
  • Twelve Months = $185 --> $169
  • Twelve Months Prepaid = $2,028.00 --> $1,949.00
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Three Classes Per Week

  • Six Months = $145
  • Twelve Months = $145 --> $129
  • Twelve Months Prepaid = $1500.00 --> $1,469.00

* A $3 monthly service fee is applied to all monthly contracts

* No additional discounts given to 12-month prepaid contracts

** Discounts offered on Unlimited, 12 mos memberships for Active Military, Students, & Spouses

Drop-ins: $20 per class OR buy a Defiant t-shirt