The Defiant Elements course is our exciting introduction to the movements of CrossFit designed specifically for beginners. Our primary goal in these one-on-one sessions is to prepare you to join the group CrossFit and weightlifting classes with confidence! We will identify your own unique strengths and weaknesses to help you get the most out of your training.

You will first learn how to lift safely and efficiently with lighter weight- our focus is on developing a strong technical base. We will slowly add more movements and heavier weight once you are ready. Elements sessions are a required pre-requisite to group CrossFit classes and are capped at 3 members per session.  


In our CrossFit classes, we give you a unique experience. We combine constantly varied workouts, strength training, conditioning, gymnastics, endurance activities and more to give you superior results. In our one hour class, we cover Warm up, Skill work, Strength, the WOD (workout of the day), and mobility.  Everyone receives the individual attention they deserve as a Defiant member.

We cater to all fitness levels from beginner to advanced, and pride ourselves on our culture of openness and self-improvement as well as our commitment to your personal safety while exercising. If your goal is to be the fittest you’ve ever been in your life, this program is for you. Sign up for our One Week Free Pass to try it out. 


This program is offered to those Defiant athletes who have mastered all the basics of CrossFit and are determined to take it to the next level. You will work towards learning particular skills and strengthening the muscles required to perform these tasks. This is a perfect complement to your Defiant Training. These athletes will progress towards a higher performance level and maximize their full potential.  

Offered Monday-Friday.  Cost: $19/month

This Tier 2 Program is for Intermediate level athletes with at least 6 mos CrossFit experience. Athletes must have the approval of a Defiant coach along with having certain skill requirements in order to begin.

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GRIT is a group class that incorporates a combination of gymnastics and bodyweight movements along with Endurance WODs to increase your skills and cardiovascular tolerance. WODs are typically 20-30 minutes long and do not involve heavy weights. 

This is a program for those of you who love that extra cardio push and want to improve your WOD times. You will experience maximal calorie and fat burning as well as ignite your fast twitch muscles for a quicker reaction time and longer WOD endurance.

This class is available with an Unlimited Membership.

Coming in August 2017


Are you still doing single unders when you could be doing Double Unders? Are you getting stuck at the bottom of HSPUs? Have you always wanted to learn a Muscle Up???

We’ve got the solution.  Our coaches will enhance everything you’re learning in CrossFit classes and take it a step further to really dial those skills in.  We focus on the fundamentals of a wide variety of skills and perfects them through consistent practice and technique-specific movements.




Defiant Strength classes are perfect for athletes who are looking to develop power, overall strength and proper technique.  Learn to master the basics of the snatch and clean & jerk.

This one hour class consists of you and a barbell and a lot of hard work. It is designed for all ability levels and will help you lift with confidence.  If your goal is to be the strongest and most powerful you can be, then this class is for you. 

This class is open to all ability levels and is included with an Unlimited membership.

Wednesdays at 12:15pm & 7pm & Sundays at 2:30pm.


Our CrossFit classes are crazy fun, but we also have a serious and competitive side.  RX+ Comp class is for the Advanced CrossFit athlete looking to take their skills and performance to the highest level. You are not required to compete as a member of this class, but you will train like one. Olympic lifts, advanced gymnastics, multiple WODs, volume and Strongman skills are major components of this class. RX+ WOD versions are also written in to regular CF classes.

Participation requires a performance evaluation prior to entering.

Classes are 90 mins. (with an Unlimited membership).

Mon/ Wed/ Fri 7:30-9am & T/ Th 4-5:30pm & Sat 6:30-8am.



Defiant Summer S&C is a strength and conditioning program designed for High School Athletes. All things considered equal, the bigger, faster, and more powerful athletes tend to walk off the their field victorious. You can't make drastic improvements to these key performance markers without putting in the time in the gym. If you play a sport that goes zero-to-redline in short or extended periods of time then this training is for you! Improve your speed, strength, endurance, coordination for your sport.

M/W/F  7:30-9am

Session 1 (June 12 - July 7) $180  /  Session 2 (July 10- Aug 4) $180  /  Session 3 (Aug 7 - Aug 25) $135

All 3 Sessions $450