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Want to add some fun and variety to your sweaty fitness regimen? Looking for another pathway to boost your metabolism and burn fat? Welcome to WIW ("woo")! This is a 6 week fitness clinic designed to keep you cool and fit for the remainder of the hot summer months. READ ALL DETAILS BELOW....

* Increase breathing adaptability
* Learn how to breathe correctly under fatigue
* Increase lung capacity
* Increase metabolism and burn more calories
* Add fun and variety
* Low impact exercise
* Community and teamwork
* Perfect for anyone recovering from surgery or injury

- Every Sat from 8-9:30/10am for 6 wks

- W.I.W is EXCLUSIVELY offered by Defiant CrossFit by a Lifeguard certified and CPR certified Coach. 

- Each session is 1 1/2 -2 hours: 1 hour of swim wod with dynamic movements, pre-swim drills, bodyweight supersets, swim drills + 30 mins of additional work back at Defiant immediately afterwards for some additional bodybuilding. 

- Typical off-site fitness programs $150
- Defiant's W.I.W. program only $89

INCLUDED: Every participant gets a Defiant Swim Towel AND a 6 week pass to the new Open Gym to add to your goals. (members will have all-access to new open gym hours) Kickboards and water bottles will be provided also.

- You may swim in a bathing suit or workout clothes.

- A minimum of 7 participants are required to open the course and is capped at 12 people. (mark yourself as "going" asap to lock in your spot)

- Location will be sent to all participants

PREREQUISITES: Actual swim lessons are NOT included in this program so some ability to swim is required. (Pool is shallow enough to stand in.) Kickboards are provided for anyone who needs some assistance to stay afloat. (You are welcome to bring your own lifejacket if desired.)

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Friday, August 31st

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