Every new athlete who begins CrossFit will go through an Elements course before attending classes regularly. You will be personally instructed by one of our highly experienced coaches on everything you need to know to CrossFit efficiently and safely (for your safety and for the safety of those around you in class) with 3 one-hour training classes.

Classes include all technical mechanics of lifts, a range of motion assessment & movement evaluation, barbell techniques, barbell safety, weightlifting etiquette, lifting practice, gym etiquette and basic skills followed by a practice workout in each class.

You will practice each lift thoroughly to familiarize you with the basic techniques as a prep for regular CrossFit classes so you can train with confidence in Group Classes.

personalized coaching during Elements sessions.


A coach will confirm with you shortly.

New Athlete Orientation + Elements Course $125


New Athlete Orientation + Elements Course + Unlimited Classes for first month $265 (save $35)

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