Why "Fancy" Doesn't Equal FIT

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Almost everyone who comes to Defiant has been to other gyms. And almost everyone says, “I just didn’t get anywhere.” They looked for the cheapest option. Or they looked for the largest. Or the one with the most machines. But eventually, when they decided they needed results, they went looking for a coach.

We get people VERY fit. We don’t do it with “comforts” such as mirrors, fancy locker rooms or blaring AC to prevent you from sweating too much. We sweat a LOT. We keep it raw. We make a lot of noise. We work hard.

You don’t need fancy to be fit. Most people seek us out because they weren’t getting anywhere in their “comfort” gym. I’m sure it was nice and cozy, but nice and cozy don’t get you nice arms and a rockin booty. It all comes down to the WORK. You need the right combination of movements (Weightlifting + Gymnastics + Cardio), varied workouts, intensity, community encouragement and COACHING. That’s where the magic is.

We’re not afraid to sweat. We stink. We make hilarious noises. We get dirty. But you know what else we get? Results. Change. Improvement. Fun.

For some, walking into a big gym with lots of expensive equipment looks like success. “They have tons of equipment so I must be able to get fit with so many choices”. People who NEED to lose weight, or need to perform, or are desperate to improve their bad health –they don’t need more choice: instead, they need more WORK.

If you’re not being Coached in your fitness, you’ve essentially been given a hall-pass to be as lazy as you want.

And coaches don’t use fancy machines. Professional, career coaches, whose livelihood depends on getting results, use barbells. Boxes. Squats / Push Ups/ Pull Ups. Gymnastics rings. Nutrition plans. Forced to choose what works, professionals use the CrossFit methodology.

No wasted time. No wasted effort.

Our members are doing burpees and snatches; climbing ropes; and smiling. They’re far more fit than they ever were. We repeat workouts only twice a year. Our coaching has improved tenfold. Our equipment hasn’t changed much.