Why Defiant Is The Happy Gym

Jason smiles cropped.jpg

Good coaching? You bet your sweet peach it is. But more than that....


When you walk into our gym, one of the first things you’ll see is a little loveseat and two chairs. This is our Defiant Hangout. It’s not a part of the workout area and may even seem a little out of place but it’s a critical part of our gym because that’s where everyone hangs out before and after their workouts.

We have people who will sometimes hang out at the gym so long, that the coach has to kick them out at the end of the night. “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”. And we LOVE IT.

We all have several different types of friends here. The ones you share your Netflix binges with and why Jon Snow is so dreamy. The ones you talk very serious sports with. The ones you can talk to about the amazing adventures of raising kids and how gross they can be. The ones you ride Harleys with. The ones who you strictly and most mandatorily talk BS and smack with.  The ones you talk about nutrition and food with and guiltily confess about that cupcake you ate at the birthday party. The ones you have deep and meaningful conversations with. And then everyone else you can chat and be yourself with who are always up for a good belly laugh or a dirty joke.

I believe people vibrate at a certain frequency. And when you go out into the world, you attract other people who vibrate at the same frequency as you. At Defiant, we work to create a fun and encouraging environment that allows people to find each other. Sure, we do it through heavy weights, tough workouts, sweating ourselves silly, grunting, grinding and even barking. But the high-fives, hugs and bonding experiences have left many people getting more than just a workout.

The most fun part is talking about it for an hour afterwards. At least an hour. Sometimes days. And yes, even years. 

So text your friends and set a date to meet at the bar. Our Defiant bar.

See you there!