Why Your Coach Is A Joy Addict

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Hi. My name is Coach, and I’m an addict. A joy addict.

The smiles.

The hugs.

The high fives.

The chest-bumps.

The jokes and trash talking.

The laughs.

The screams of excitement.

We got into coaching to help people. We remain coaches for years because we’re addicted to helping people. The look of excitement on an athlete’s face when they had a PR, perform a skill for the first time, or have an “ah-ha” moment is the ultimate satisfaction.

Challenging you to be the best version of yourself every day is our main objective here at Defiant. We believe you are full of greatness. Our job is to help you tap into that greatness and let it out. We are lucky to be a witness to these beautiful moments day in and day out.

Offering personal happiness through coaching is absolutely addictive. We can’t help ourselves. We love it. We live for it. We show up every day with a great attitude because of it. We leave in a sort of joy-drunk state that keeps us happy and fulfilled, allowing us to give back to the universe and our athletes what they so generously offered us in the first place.

Every day can’t be a PR. But we are equally as overjoyed with the small wins. Seeing our athletes showing up for class with a big smile on their face and a positive attitude is enough of the joy-crack we need to get our fix.