How Your CrossFit Training Could Help Save A Life


You train in CrossFit to be fit, toned and look good naked. Check, check and check. But what about the unknown and unexpected?

In this life, there are no guarantees. Every day is different and anything can happen. Training in CrossFit can do more for you than just help you lose weight or gain muscle mass. It also prepares you for what life may throw at you at any given moment.

When a bad situation happens, you have to react, fast. No time to think it out, just go. Sound familiar? If you do CrossFit, it does.

Could you carry your children out of a burning building? Yes you could. You won’t get that from Spin class.

Could you run for your life from an attacker?  Yes you could. You won’t get that from Body Pump.

If you had to drag someone wounded to safety, could you do it? You bet your sweet peach you could. You won’t get that from a treadmill.

If someone were in an accident and trapped in their car, who could best pull them out? The ladies group from pilates or the CrossFit chicks? My money is on a CrossFitter EVERY TIME.

I’m not implying that doing CrossFit training will make you a Superhero, but it gives you one hell of a good chance at saving yourself or someone else. And hey, listen, I’m not trying to bash on other exercise programs- anything is better than nothing at all and CrossFit isn’t for everyone. All fitness programs have their place and offer something positive.

The point I’m trying to make is this: your CrossFit training will toughen your mental and physical preparedness for whatever unexpected events the universe throws your way. This puts you at an ultimate advantage in life.

Let’s hope you never find yourself in a life or death situation, but if you do, you don't have to be a victim. CrossFit training not only makes you physically stronger but you experience, on a daily basis, what it’s like to push through a mentally and physically tough situation.  It’s why CrossFitters bond together.  

Who knew that doing “Fran” could potentially help you to save a life?!?