Look Who's Coming To Your Defiant Team!

sherry bike.jpg

Big announcement folks! We are so pleased to introduce that Defiant athlete Sherry Ashford will be coming on board as the newest member of our Defiant team! She will be serving as our new Office Administrator. 

Our Defiant family will be lifted up by her passion, encouragement and enthusiasm. She will be connecting with you moving forward on things like memberships, events, scheduling and general bad-assery.  On the flip side, she will be assisting us internally in running business systems and processes, which is her specialty. 

I love Defiant and every member of our Defiant family. We have seen each other through the best of times, and even some through of the worst. But we come out stronger, together. 

The greatest service I can personally provide is to give our amazing Coaches & Staff the chance to serve you even better. 

Please show her some DCF love! Get to know her if you don’t already....

“Hey Lifting Friends!!  For those who don’t know me I thought I would introduce myself.  I started at Defiant in 2013 and I love that I get to say that.  I am a busy mom of four kids!  I tend to frequent the early morning 5:15 class, however I tend to squeeze in any class I can get to.  Before a life of kids and craziness my life was a little different, it is slowly becoming a blur.  I have a BS in Finance from BYU, an MBA in Strategy from Texas State University, and during that time my career was focused on Strategic Planning and Forecasting.   Aside from working out and taking care of my family circus, I love to cook and bake when I have time.  I have been known to leave treats in the locker room. 😊

~ Jenn