Why Women NEED To Be Lifting Weights Regularly

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Why Women Should Lift Heavy

Lifting weights has some surprising advantages that you won’t get from cardio alone. Specifically for women, we should be lifting heavy and often.

It can help you to see a difference in your strength, muscle tone, and even life expectancy as you age.

Here’s why it’s especially important for women to be on the barbell regularly:

1. Lower your risk for osteoporosis: Women are far more likely than men to develop osteoporosis later in life. When a muscle contracts under load, those muscles tug on your arm's bones. The cells within those bones react by creating new bone cells, making your bones become stronger and more dense.

2. It can relieve joint issues. Stronger muscles help hold your joints in position allowing for better movement.

3. The more often you lift, the more muscle tone you’ll create. That’s the whole point, right ladies?!?! 

4. You’ll raise your metabolism and blast more fat. Muscle burns more calories and adding a bit more of this sexy stuff will rev your metabolism to allow you to burn more calories daily. Add this into your weight loss plan.

5. Improve your posture as you age. When you get older, your posture tends to round forward. A strong lower back, hamstrings, glutes and trapezius will help keep you in a more upright position.

6. It’ll boost your confidence and relieve stress faster than cardio alone. Doing power lifts doesn’t mean you’re going to be a powerlifter. It means you’re going to be strong, happy and confident.

Most women are afraid they’ll get “bulky”. Slow down sisters! Women produce about 5 to 10 percent the amount of testosterone men do, limiting our muscle-building potential as compared to men. To seriously gain size, you'd have to train (and eat) for it specifically.

So don't be afraid to get in there and throw it around like the big boys. 

See YOU at the bar(bell)!