Come to Peace With Your Performance

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People compare themselves to others.

It’s our nature. We can’t help ourselves. We look at others and think, “He’s got a better job than me,” “She’s not as smart as I am,” or “Her shoes are more expensive than mine.”

Sometimes this can work in our favor: we see something we want to aspire to and then we work for it until we achieve it. Win. But sometimes, this works against us completely. Especially in the gym.

“I want abs like that”

“I wish I could be strong like that guy”

“I’ll never be as good as her”

STOP. RIGHT. THERE. What good does that kind of talk do for you? Absolutely nothing. You’re focusing on the WRONG things.

Here’s an example. In the CrossFit Open this year, my performance was not as great as it’s been in the past. I went into it knowing that I probably wouldn’t place as high as years before. And I was perfectly okay with it. I watched other women getting PRs, lifting heavy, crushing times, beating me all day long and stealing my lunch money. I could have easily started a one-woman, utterly boring, lifeless, snoozer of a pity party. I could have stupidly beat myself up over it.

But I didn’t. Why?

Because I knew that all of things that they were doing and all of the things that they were capable of, had NOTHING to do with ME. I do what I do every day and I’m at peace with it. Good or bad. I’m happy that I can do the things that I can do. I still work my weaknesses but don’t throw myself out of a window every time I don’t do well. I gotta do me. And it’s good enough.

I always tell myself “give what you can today and be grateful”.  This is how I find my peace. Mind you, this is not a free pass to be lazy and not work hard. That’s not the Defiant way.  It’s simply a get out of jail free card when you start judging yourself.

One side effect that comes with this kind of peace is the ability to celebrate the wins of others sincerely. Instead of feeling bummed about my own performance, I had the wonderful experience of being truly happy for those that did well. I was able to give a positive energy to those around me instead of creating a soul-sucking negative black hole of energy that brings everyone else down. (Who invited THAT girl? Ugh)

I’ll make no excuses. I do what I do and it’s good enough for me. I’m able to fully enjoy every workout for myself. I soak up all the amazing energy and personalities that I choose to surround myself with everyday at Defiant.   

Here, the focus is on you- what YOU are doing, what YOU are capable of, where YOU are going.

What anybody else does, has nothing to do with YOU.

Be you. Be happy. Rejoice. You are amazing.

~ Jenn