Why Discipline Is Freedom


You live in a world with an abundance of choices. You choose cupcakes over cauliflower, late nights over sleep, Netflix over housework.

You know your choices are bad ones, but you do it anyway. And it’s not because you hate yourselves, you’re just tired of making decisions ALL the time.

With more choices every day, you make more decisions than ever. So how do you avoid burning out? Habits.

Steve Jobs wore the same outfit and ate the same breakfast every day. Using your energy for the thousands of small decisions you make daily my leave you a bit dry when bigger decisions come up later.

Delegate your decisions as much as possible and whenever you can. More importantly, BE OK WITH IT. You may need to let the little things GO. Start with a routine.

Waking up at the same time every day.

Eating the same breakfast every day.

Going to the gym at the same time every day.

Letting someone else choose our workouts.

Cook your food every Sunday.

Free up your mind and energy resources for the more important decisions you need to make. It’s easier to correct small missteps in your day than to over analyze everything. Discipline = Freedom.

Think of 3 things right now you could turn into a daily habit. Now implement them. Live Free.