6 Reasons You Should Get An Annual Physical


6 Reasons You Should Get an Annual Physical

One way to achieve good health is to get an annual physical. Why some of us may not think of a yearly examination as being necessary, your physician can actually offer some valuable help during your visit that can assist you in preventing future health roadblocks down the road.

1. Prevent Health Problems: Your physician can help you identify risk factors that could lead to oncoming or future health problems and offer expert advice on how to manage them. This is the time to catch arising problems that went undetected before. 

2. Build Trust With Your Physician: When you establish a good relationship with your physician by seeing them annually, you're more likely to be honest about changes or issues you're experiencing. This makes treatment planning a team effort- one which you are most likely to adhere to. 

3. Establish Baselines & Look For Trends: Changes in your blood work year to year can be a red flag for health problems, current or future. This allows your physician to track trends. 

4. Save Money: If a doctor can detect a problem before it gets serious, you’ll save a lot of money on medical bills down the road.

5. Continuing Education: Your physician will be a steady reminder of healthy choices and options for staying the course. Referrals and resources provided by your doctor can help keep you informed. 

6. Renew & Review Prescriptions: Reviewing your medications with your physician, including over-the-counter-medications, will ensure you are treating your medical problems the best way available and will help prevent possible side effects and interactions.