7 Tips for a Happier, Healthier YOU in 2018


7 Tips for a Happier, Healthier YOU in 2018

1. Positive Self-Talk. Love yourself! Let this be a part of your life regularly. Dust yourself off after mistakes - these are learning opportunities and give you a chance to better yourself. 

2. Have Gratitude. Reminding ourselves of the positive things we enjoy in life can add to our daily happiness and well-being. Take a moment to notice and appreciate these gifts. 

3. Take Vitamins. Don't get so caught up in your daily hustle and bustle that you forget to love your body. Give it everything it needs to keep up with you! Take a multivitamin daily to boost your immune system. 

4. Get some Zzzzz's. Seriously, don't be a Grumpy Gus. Allow your body and brain to heal and recover by aiming for 7-8 hrs a night. Make a relaxing bedtime routine like stretching or yoga to calm your mind after a long day.

5. Make your workouts non-negotiable. Schedule them like Doctor's appointments- ones you CAN'T miss! The after-effects of your workouts will keep you leaner, stronger and healthier all year round. 

6. Keep your Nutrition on point. Food is medicine. Give the body (and mind!) the nutrients it needs to be at your very best, inside the box and out! Learn more about how our V10 Nutrition Success Program will fuel you for weight loss, muscle gain and wellness. www.defiantcrossfit.com/nutrition

7. Try forgiveness. Don't hang onto negative energy and feelings. Take back your power and own it. Let go of things that don't promote your happiness and well being. You're better than that.