3 Tips To Improve Your Strength

Your body increases its strength by 2 main pathways: recruiting more muscle fibers in a particular muscle group and increasing the firing frequency of your motor neurons and muscle fibers. Regular training with intermittent rests and recovery will result in increased power and strength overall.


1. Accessory Work

Isolating and targeting smaller muscles that work together with larger muscles allow you to perform complex movments. The better you’re able to recruit these muscles, the more potential you have to build strength. Athlete Development uses movements to isolate these smaller muscle groups to strengthen them while practicing more difficult skills. It’s a perfect complement to your Defiant Training. You will progress towards a higher performance level and maximize your full potential.  



2. Strength Classes

Attend Strength Class twice a week to supplement your in-class Strength training. Functional barbell training has its place in building strength. You don’t need to get fancy, just focus on proper form and do it often.  Make sure you’re recovering properly to fuel your progress. Make it a point to improve on your technique- better technique makes performing lifts easier, allowing you to move heavier weights.



3. Eating to Perform

If you want to have top-fuel-type performance, you need top fuel. No one has ever demonstrated anything but inferior capacity on a diet where they did not eat clean- you are not going to get anywhere in terms of optimizing your performance on a bad diet. Optimizing performance through a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.  Consume light-moderate carbs and little fat within 1 hr before your workout.  Post training- have a light snack with protein and carbs within 1 hr to promote muscle repair.