Why Your Emotional Garbage Is Trashing Your Health

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Did you know that carrying negative feelings can have adverse effects on your body? Negative emotions and stress can wreak havoc on your body and actually manifest in physical problems. Your thoughts and emotions play a distinct role in your experience of physical pain and can contribute to the development of chronic disease. Inversely, positive emotions such as gratitude have been linked to a number of beneficial health effects including decreased inflammation and increased self-healing.

Your brain is the captain of your ship…. or in this case, your body. It’s like a child in that it can be quickly influenced and sometimes naïve. Don’t dangle the negative “candy” in front of your emotions. Your brain can steer you in a million different directions if you allow it to. But who’s to say you can’t control the path? It’s up to you to take control of the wheel and decide which direction you’re going to take.

Having a short fuse may decrease your life span

Frequent anger is associated with a heightened risk of high blood pressure and heart problems, including heart attack and stroke. Why would you want to live there?


Don’t sweep your negative thoughts under the rug

Trying to pretend you don't feel what you feel, or judging your emotions harshly, tends to cause more stress than just feeling it and moving on.

Repressed negative emotions such as anger, fear and frustration may also be a factor contributing to chronic physical pain. Remember that your brain and body work together- ever tried to ride a bike with no peddles?


Your negative emotional luggage may increase your risk for dementia

People with cynical attitudes may suffer more from stress and anxiety. It’s difficult to enjoy the feel-good benefits of positive social support and friendships when you’re a jerk. Don’t be that guy.


How to nurture your emotional wellness

Anger is a normal human emotion and certainly can have its place. The key is to channel your anger into a controlled and constructive outward expression to help release tension and stress. CrossFit does an excellent job of shutting that down. Channel those negative thoughts into a positive vehicle- in other words, let your workout be your medicine.


Make a point to be more mindful of the choices you make. Focus on staying positive to improve your mental and emotional outlook. Meditate, get your Defiant workout in, take a nap, go for a long walk, talk with a friend, watch a comedy show or drink some hot tea. Whatever helps YOU specifically.

And don’t say you can’t do those things and just be a grouch about it. You can, but you’re CHOOSING not to. When something or someone pushes your buttons, just ask yourself, "So what?" Can you move forward and still be amazing? Of course you can. It’s your choice. But you have to work to get there- it's a daily practice. 

Unwrap the ball and chain of negative emotions you’re carrying around like it’s your “precious”. Ditch that ring and move on.

YOU are the captain of your ship.

YOU are the CEO of your life.

YOU are the president of your fan club.

Another person’s words, actions and behaviors are not your own and have more to do with that person than with you. Realize that you are in full control of how you react to outside stimuli. Freeing yourself of these burdens will bring more peace into your life.

Your wellness prescription today....

Go watch Lord of the Rings if you didn’t catch the reference.

Get Netflix and watch Dave Chappelle, Jim Gaffigan or Kevin Hart for some solid laughs.

Get your workout in today and high-five someone while smiling obnoxiously.