5 Ways to Make It Through the Holidays

5 Ways to Make It Through the Holidays

1. Go. To. The. GYM.

            I can’t stress this enough. You’ll feel a gozillion times better for it. Reduce your anxiety, fuel your muscles, burn off any excess calories and boost your metabolism. The rush you carry with you from a great workout will clear your mind and give you the self-confidence to rock it through those holiday parties. Plus, you’ll want to burn off any holiday indulgences immediately! Cram in as many classes as you can- you’ll never regret this decision.

2. Make as many clean dietary choices whenever possible.

            Temptation is EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t mean you have to give in to it all. Stick to clean basics: choose your meats and veggies to fill up on, then taste a little here and there- emphasis on the HERE & THERE part. You’ll feel stronger for having made a smart choice and won’t get that sugar induced stomach ache that inevitably follows.

3. Buy yourself a little holiday gift too.

            Just a little reminder to take care of yourself and feel good about who you are. You know exactly what you want and you’re the easiest person on your list to shop for. Get in that Happy Place!

4. Reduce your Alcohol consumption.

            Sometimes it seems easier to get through those holiday parties getting your drunk on. Maybe you’re right, but you’ll totally regret it. Keep your hits to a minimum. You’ll save yourself from a butt-load of extra hidden calories and avoid the headache that creeps in later. The more you drink, the more you’ll eat too. Know your limits and set a rule for yourself before ever even walking into a party. Remember, anything that happens at the drunk holiday party ends up all over Facebook. You can’t unsee that.

5. Keep close the people who make you feel your best.

            So maybe creepy cousin Bob who hasn’t seen you since you were 7, isn’t exactly the person who’ll compliment you the most. (or maybe he will, he IS creepy after all) If you’re away from your closest friends, stay in touch through text, email & social media. It’ll keep you smiling, especially when you tell your story about cousin Bob. One hilarious text from a good friend can change your whole mood. It’s one more reason to hit the gym with your best buds beforehand (circle back to #1). Indulge!