What Not to Miss in May at Defiant

Your May Challenge is...Push-ups!!

Your goal is to accumulate 800 push-ups this month. More tips and videos on good, controlled push-ups will be posted throughout the month. Let's get pumped & ready for Murph on May 25th.


Health & Wellness:

For anyone needing Chiropractic care (and if you CrossFit, this means YOU), your coaches have been seeing Dr. Ashley at Peak Performance Chiropractic. The goal of chiropractic is to restore proper function of the brain, nerves, joints, and muscles. Active rehabilitation may be used to correct poor postures and strengthen weak muscles. Don’t wait until there’s pain. Check him out at http://www.performatlife.net


All around cool stuff:

Murph shirts are up for grabs! Pre-order one ASAP to make sure you get the size you want. Last year they sold out immediately so plan ahead. See our FB post and click the link to order.

We’ve got many new faces popping up at Defiant! If you see a newbie in your class, be sure to introduce yourself and help them get the hang of our community. Remember your first day???

Bring your friends to try us out for One Week Free! Simply let your coach know that you’ll be bringing a friend to class. It’s that easy. Share what you love, chances are your friends will love it too!


Coach’s news

Baby Kara is home with Coach Josh & Candace and doing great! Check out Josh’s adorable photos on FB and his Instagram page. She’s gorgeous!


What’s going down at Defiant?

Saturday, May 2nd at 10am is our Free Community Workout. Bring a gang of friends and start your weekend off with a PUSH. Let’s show them how we do it!

Monday, May 25th is our Annual Murph Challenge WOD! Keep up to date on our FB page for details, heats & updates. THIS IS HUGE! Plan for it.

Our Mobility Therapy class can change your life! If you haven’t attended one yet, get in the game. Sundays at 4:30pm. Learn how to care for your muscles and joints to prevent injuries, increase flexibility and decrease soreness.

Our Skill Development class is a MUST.  Learn basic and advanced Skills through fundamentals and technical practices. What you learn in this class will affect ALL of your movements. Get on board. Saturdays at 9am.

Love Defiant classes and want them all??? You can have it all! CrossFit classes, Strength classes, Mobility and Skills. Talk to a coach about upgrading to an Unlimited membership so you don’t have to miss a thing.  Did someone say “GAINZ”??


What's trending:

If you’re ready to take your CrossFit movements to the next level or want to learn moves or skills, make a Personal Training appointment. Coach Marcus has flexible hours and will work privately on the skills you choose.

Personal Training Packages:

$50 for a 1 hour session

$120 for  3 (1 hour) sessions

$175 for 5 (1 hour) sessions