April Events & All Around Cool Stuff To Know


The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open and Defiant Open are now complete. Most of us stepped out of our comfort zone, found a few new PRs...and had a few of our weaknesses rear up and bite us. Take some extra time to learn new skills, improve your weaknesses and grow as athletes.

Write down two of your weakest movements or skills that you discovered during the Open and post them on the red board. All month long you will have ample time to work on these weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Boom.

One Week Free

Make sure your friends all know that they are welcome to try us out for One Week Free. Just have them hit our website and sign in.  Then, they’ll understand your need to celebrate PRs!


Skill Development Class- Saturdays at 9am- Kick off Date: April 18th. 

-       This class is for all ability levels and varies each week. During class, you’ll have the opportunity to work on form and technique during a variety of drills using fundamental movements. Attending this class will leave you with the ability to increase your skill capacity and work towards advancing to the next level of that skill.

Mobility Therapy Class- Sundays at 4:30pm – Kick off Date: April 19th.

-       Everyone should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. By addressing your mobility limitations, you can help to prevent injury at the same time that you are increasing your athletic performance. Mobility Therapy is designed to address your individual limitations, guide you through ways to fix your tightness/soreness/immobilities, prevent you from future injury, make you a better and more efficient athlete, and help you live and feel better in your body.

** These classes will count towards your weekly classes. You are welcome to upgrade to an Unlimited membership at any time.  Reap the full benefits of everything Defiant has to offer including all CF classes, Strength classes, Mobility Therapy & Skill Development.

Unlimited memberships include:

  • 1 hour of Personal Training
  • 1 Nutrition/Supplement/Goal Setting appointment
  • 1 Body Composition Test (using state-of-the-art Ultrasound technology)
  • 1 Defiant CrossFit T-shirt
  • Unlimited classes each week

(Contact Jenn or Delanie to upgrade now, starting in April)

Merchandise Sign Out

-       Grab what you need from our Defiant Gear Shop or Kill Cliff in the Fridge. Simply sign it out on the Merchandise sheet and have it charged to your account later.  Advocare products are not included and are sold separately.

Product of the Month:  Advocare’s Muscle Strength (60 caplets)

  • Helps decrease recovery time between intense workouts
  • Promotes building lean muscle mass and reducing fat tissue
  • Enhances muscle growth in conjunction with strength training
  • Encourages repair of muscle tissues
  • Helps the body adapt to physical and mental stress

(Psst…here’s a little secret.  Most of your coaches use this pre-workout)

 Have a wonderful April and Happy Easter!