5 Ways To Get More Help From Your Coach


5 Ways To Get More Help From Your Coach

1. Ask for help during class. Speak up, don’t stand in the back of class where it’s difficult for your Coach to see you. Ask them to watch your reps and be open to suggestions and feedback. Work on your technique and practice before adding more weight.

2. Pay attention during the demos. Pick up on movement patterns, techniques, and strategies. Listen to the cues they give. Your Coach demos the movements for your benefit so take advantage of this learning opportunity.  Many times your Coach will offer up a strategic idea on how to get through the workout more efficiently. Chances are, your coach has already done the workout before.

3. Set up an appt for Personal Training. This is an hour dedicated just to YOU. Ask all of your questions- you have your coach’s absolute attention.  Advance your skills at your own pace. Your coach will give you “homework” to continue practicing long after your session. Book as many sessions as you need to feel comfortable and make the gains you’re looking for faster.

4. Watch your Coach workout. Observe their movement patterns and techniques. Notice their rest times vs work times- what was their approach? Review their strategies- how did they attack a round? You can try these different things and apply them to your WODs. Stick with what works for you and discard anything that doesn’t. Make it your own.

5. Get an Unlimited membership. You’ll have more access to coaches, demos, and practice opportunities.  You’ll learn more each week and show your progress much quicker. You’ll hit new PRs each week. Unlimited packages come with additional incentives. The other perks? Burn more calories. Get stronger. Faster. Better.